I’m Parker - model, artist, writer, teacher, and student of all things healthy and active.

I grew up in a small farm town in Southern New Jersey with more cows than people. Superheroes were my role models growing up, along with a strong feminine presence from my mother and grandmother. Art has always been my passion, which led me to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I received a BFA with a concentration in printmaking along with a minor in acting.

My quest for belonging brought me into the world of modeling where I walked the runway and worked with major brands like Nike, Gap, GQ, Mens Health, and many more.

A cycling accident forced me into stillness where I realized that this physical body I’d created was nothing more than a shell. I began to create a holistic practice that carried the transformative power of movement into the realms of body, mind, and spirit. I became a yoga teacher. I began writing. I began to see outside myself and thus the Human-Heroes Movement was born.