MOVEMENT FOR Physical, mental, and spiritual HEALTH



Disciplined daily movement is where the practice begins. Physical exercise is the switch that gives us control over the chattering voice that we often believe ourselves to be. As we exercise, our physiology changes- we become happier, clearer, and more inept in dealing with stressful situations. Moving our bodies is crucial for both physical and mental maintenance - no different then taking a shower or brushing our teeth.


A triforce movement practice for the body, mind, and spirit is the key to fulling our potential as human beings -living a life rooted in service and gratitude for our gifts, each other, and a power greater than ourselves that unites us all.


Morning rituals like simply making our bed or journaling are a powerful form of mental movement that set us up for success. Accomplishing one small task or expressing your thoughts on paper inform the rest of our day. How we speak to ourselves internally dictates the world we create around us. By creating movement rituals for our mind we begin to notice our patterns, learn the required lessons, and live fully in the present.



Strengthening our relationship with a higher power is no different than any other form of training. We must be consistent, we must be devoted, and we must be of service. A meditation practice unifies our body and mind by using our breath to connect us the spiritual energy that flows through all living creatures.